About Mina Pournaghi

About Mina Pournaghi

“I paint the truth of the lie”

 Mina Pournaghi

Mina Pournaghi

Was born in Iran (in 1981)


B.A. In painting from the Azad University (faculty of art and architecture)

B.A. In painting from Florence Academy of fine Arts

M.A. in visual arts and new expressive languages (Decoration)

Former member of Iranian Painters Association

She showed her talent and passion in painting when she was 3 years old. After finishing high school in experience sciences she decided to study painting at university.

After university of art in Tehran she came to Italy to continue her art and educations.

She has had several exhibitions in Iran and Italy and received several prizes during her artistic career.

Her works express the concerns and challenges of women in the modern world

– Mahe Mehr Gallery, Tehran (IRAN)
– Farhangsaraye Melal Gallery, Tehran (IRAN)
– Khaneh Honarmandan Iran Gallery, Tehran (IRAN)
– Arjang Gallery, Malayer (IRAN)
– Ershad Gallery, Malayer (IRAN)
– Tannaz Gallery, Firenze (ITALIA)
– Museo dell’Operazione Avalance, Eboli (ITALY)
– Florence Biennale 2019, Florence (ITALY)

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